Artist Statement

All life is Energy.  From Einstein to Oprah Winfrey (as she stated on her 2011 final show), we all agree.  Most artists paint light, and how it touches objects, but I am painting the Emotional Energy that is inside and around objects, and specifically, in people.  If E=MC2:Energy equals Matter (people) times the speed of light (186,000miles per second2) then what would that energy look like, what colors and forms would it take on, if you were able to freeze that energy into a split second in time?  This is what I am painting: the quixotic Emotional Energy of Life.

I am excited to have thought of this unique theme which I have never seen any artist attempt before.

The human form is the most beautiful creation to me on earth, and capturing the energy within a specific moment in time is an extremely creative process. My art has been compared to the most prolific artist of the 20th century, Patrick Nagel, and yet my theme of painting our Emotional Energy makes my paintings stand apart.

I primarily paint with oils, (although I did do a recent piece for a local gallery in charcoal and gouache) and my paintings are typically large (48” x 36” or 60” x 48”). In capturing the Emotional Energy of a moment I look both to nature and to my own creativity as my unending palette to find specifically the mood that I am trying to capture. I use patterns on leaves, ivy, water, flowers, electricity – sometimes even in Pollack-like random splashes of swirls of paint.

My unique artistic focus is painting the invisible – what the eye doesn’t see: “The Emotional Energy of Life”. Einstein proves that you have more energy within you than you can ever imagine. My goal as an artist is to capture this living force that is within us and surrounds us on a continual basis. Moments in time determine the colors, shades, moods and form of this energy. I am painting this unseen energy.

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